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Ash J Woodward is an award-winning Video and Projection designer for live performance from Wolverhampton. He has designed and animated content for large scale shows on Broadway, in the West End, and around the world. His work includes 2D and 3D animation, cinematography, and visual effects. Ash also designs work for other live performance genres such as live music, exhibitions, and art installations.

Having originally studied directing, Ash brings an analytical and narrative focused approach to his work, aiming to create beautiful stage visuals as well as purposeful, story led ideas. Ash enjoys taking a fully hands-on approach to the work he creates, from 2D and 3D animation to filmed content and cinematography, there is his fingerprint in everything he does. Most of all Ash thrives on the collaborative nature of live performance, working in unison with other designers and creatives to bring out the best in the text and illicit a multitude of emotions from every audience member.

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